Communispace: Facilitating Customer Insights via Online Communities

Communispace is a market research firm that enables customer insights directly from the source – they don’t just provide research, they facilitate the formation of online user communites for brands to speak directly with customers in a conversational format. By developing a social media platform where customers are pooled together by common interest or buying patterns, brands can ask key questions such as “what’s good or bad about our products,” “what can we do better,” or most importantly “would you buy this product?”

Communispace began as a startup just outside of Boston in 1999, now they’re a global company. They’ve been growing for more than 10 years – now with dozens of employees, a plethora of influential clients, and a wealth of customer data. They even have an HBS Case Study written about them! More importantly though, Communispace already knows what many firms have yet to put into practice – it’s cheaper, better, and easier to innovate when you know what your customer wants. The trick is, you can’t ask them just once! True customer empahty in the product development process is a conversation that should continue as you work towards creating a final product – if your only source of customer feedback is a brand survey or 3rd party market research, you’re truly setting yourself up for an uphill battle.

-Chris Kluesener

Communispace, The Leader in Online Consumer Insights Communities.

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